Landmarks are set to be dismantled

One of two disused gasholders in Marton that are being dismantled. Below: the site in 1940.
One of two disused gasholders in Marton that are being dismantled. Below: the site in 1940.
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Work has started to dismantle two landmark disused gasholders in Blackpool.

National Grid is carrying out the work in Marton as part of a nationwide programme to clear redundant, industrial sites for future use.

The work will involve draining water from the gasholders, before dismantling the structures and clearing the site, bordered by Clifton Road and Olympic Way.

It is expected that the first gasholder will be removed by the end of March 2015, with the site due to be cleared by summer 2015.

Gasholders once performed an important function in storing and securing the town’s gas supply.

The gasholders at Clifton Road were built in 1940, storing gas from the Marton Gasworks which, at its height, was 45 acre site with private railway sidings.

Today, however, improvements and investment in the national gas network means gas can be stored in the pipe system and gasholders are not needed.

The Marton gasholders have not been used since 2010.

National Grid plans to dismantle the gasholders with as little disruption as possible and bosses say they will be keeping local businesses and the community informed throughout the work.

Land regeneration manager Katherine Scargill said: “Our work in Blackpool is part of a national effort to clear industrial sites that are no longer used and encourage regeneration.

“We don’t have any specific plans for the Clifton Road site at this stage, but it could be given a new lease of life in the future.

“People may have questions about the work and we’d encourage anyone who would like to know more to get in touch. We’ll aim to take the gasholders down quickly and efficiently with as little disruption as possible.”

As part of the work, a new gate to the gasholder site has been installed on Olympic Way, to allow safe access for National Grid’s team.

The main activity on site is likely to start in January 2015.

Residents who have questions or would like to know more about the project can contact National Grid’s Community Relations Team on Freephone 0808 168 7590 or alternatively, email the company at nationalgrid@martongasholders.com.