Just what is the M55 link road and why is it linked to new house being built near Blackpool?

The old "Moss Road" now closed, which the M55 link road will roughly follow when built.
The old "Moss Road" now closed, which the M55 link road will roughly follow when built.
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Lytham-based Kensington Developments has come under fire for its bid to alter the number of houses it cal sell before starting work on road infrastructure around its 1,150 home Richmond Point scheme.

But just what is the link road and what stage is it at?

The M55 link road is a £24m new stretch of road that will link the motorway at the Whitehills roundabout with Cypress Point at Ansdell. It is considered vital for the future growth of the area and to relieve existing traffic congestion in the Blackpool and St Annes area around Queensway.

It will replace the "Moss Road" which closed in 2014 as a major link between the motorway, Blackpool and Lytham and St Annes.

As decided at the planning appeal over the new mini-town, Kensington must pay for the "Heyhouses Bypass" approach road from the new development to the new link road and a portion towards the link road itself.

Kensington Developments has acquired all the land necessary to build the central section of the M55 link road (from the Whitehills roundabout to Cypress Point).

Under the terms of the Richmond Point planning permission scheme, the funds necessary to construct the road are payable by Kensington to the highway authority in three stages linked to the occupation of the 150th, 300th and 425th property on the development.

It must also start work on the approach road to relieve local traffic congestion by the time the 65th house at Richmond Point was occupied. Now Kensington wants to make that 165 houses sparking anger locally.

The company is working with Fylde MP Mark Menzies, Fylde Council, Lancashire County Council and the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership to bring forward the completion of the M55 link road in advance of the planning permission timescales.

MP Mark Menzies says that the plans are ready to be submitted to Lancashire County Council and £20m of the money has already been garnered - including £9m from Highways England and the Homes and Communities Agency, £2m of Government growth deal funding and around £1m funding from Fylde Borough Council.

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