Jobs in lights as company grows

Scanlite display at a petrol station.
Scanlite display at a petrol station.
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A Blackpool-based business which has customers from New York to Moscow and whose products are seen by everyone in the UK, every day of their lives, is set for expansion.

Scanlite, which has in the past tended to shun the limelight, has two manufacturing facilities off Mowbray Drive, and is looking for 15 new recruits for its electronics business.

The company, which was founded 32 years ago by David Carter, manufactures electronic displays and LED television display screens.

Its products are seen at petrol stations, supermarkets and businesses in every town.

Its fast LED TV screens are seen at football grounds around the world.

Managing director David Carter founded the firm after finding himself made redundant after being “over qualified” as an electronics apprentice.

He said: “I ended up being more qualified than my foremen and it was in the days when union rules meant I had to be on a higher rate of pay, so that was it.

“I was into electronic engineering and someone showed me a product one day. I liked it and started to sell them.

“But I thought it could be done better. It was rather crude. The display hopped along rather than scrolled.”

He founded Scanlite and over the years has utilised ever improving technology to be able to offer the latest hi-tech signs that the digital age requires. He still has the original sign that inspired him and bought back one of the first signs he ever sold – to Kays Estate agents in Blackpool.

He said: “It was one of those single line scrolling displays in red.”

“We are looking to expand our new plant by 50 per cent. We are looking to invest half a million pounds next year.”

He said they want to bring the manufacture of the housings for the LED displays in-house to have tighter control over quality.

“We are the leader in the UK at what we do and we have opened up in Milton Keynes and London.

“We are advertising for staff now, but it is not easy to get the right people here in Blackpool.

“We advertised one job recently and got 200 applications. Only one of those had the qualifications we had asked for.

“Businesses need good honest workers. A company is only as good as the people it employs.

“I can have all the enthusiasm in the world but if the staff don’t share that enthusiasm then the business cannot move forward.”

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