Investment will mean faster internet for 30,000 Blackpool properties

Blackpool's new conference centre will benefit from faster internet
Blackpool's new conference centre will benefit from faster internet
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Blackpool is on the brink of a multi-million pound investment that will boost connectivity to the internet.

The council is in line to secure £2.7m of government funding for fibre network infrastructure running along the length of the tramway line.

It will give businesses close to the Promenade, including hotels and guesthouses, faster digital access and put the resort in a strong position to benefit from future 5G investment.

Around 30,000 properties will benefit including the new conference centre at the Winter Gardens and the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone, by being at the forefront of internet technology.

Council leader Coun Simon Blackburn said: “We are delighted to be on the verge of securing a government award of £2.7m which will allow us to activate the fibre optic infrastructure which is already in place along the whole length of the tramway from Starr Gate to Fleetwood.

“This is a significant development as it will enable Blackpool over the next two years to unlock a state-of-the-art fibre network for the benefit of both residents and business as well as improving connectivity to public sector sites.

"Parts of Blackpool including the two enterprise zones and the new conference centre will get some of the fastest broadband in the UK.

“The UK as a whole has less than four per cent of properties served with full fibre connectivity so Blackpool would be at the forefront of being able to provide superior digital technology.

“There are an estimated 30,000 properties within range of the fibre optic infrastructure.

"Working through a fibre-sharing co-operative, internet service providers will be able to build out the network to individual properties.

“Businesses can also reap the benefits of more modern and better connectivity which will support economic development and our drive to attract more inward investment into Blackpool.”

The grant has been agreed subject to the council signing up to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport's funding agreement.