‘Hoping to see Sean Bean soon’ - The best reader reactions as filming for new BBC drama World On Fire takes place on the Fylde coast

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The filming taking place on a Fylde beach this week is for a BBC war drama called World On Fire, it has been confirmed.

Hundreds of production staff, actors and vehicles have moved onto the sands north of St Annes to capture beach scenes for the epic story, the transmission date of which is yet to be revealed.

BBC crews at the Fylde coast beach

BBC crews at the Fylde coast beach

World On Fire is described as ‘an adrenalised, emotionally gripping and resonant drama following the first year of the Second World War’ told through the intertwining fates of ordinary people from Britain, Poland, France, Germany and the US as they grapple with the effect of the war on their lives. Filming has already taken place in Prague and other filming locations include Manchester, London, Paris and Berlin.

IN PICTURES>>> There were some dramatic scenes on the beach near St Annes yesterday
How much they paying for extras ha ha? I’ll go play army men

Dave Nickson

Don’t know about that lol. They all looked frozen in the sea! :-( however I’d do it

Joanne Lonsdale

Being an extra is 90% waiting around

Neil Schollar

Gazette could have lead with actor Sean Bean the other day!!

Sophie Choudhary

Saw smoke this morning on way to Clifton hospital

Julie Manson

My hair was too short for this apparently (too fat)

James Tonner

I’ll go just to see Sean Bean. Anyone know how long they are filming for?

Wendy Williams

This is why front was quiet in Blackpool.

Ken Waterhouse

They are outside the Blackpool Football Club. Have been for the past two weeks

Stuart Hendy

Sean Bean is in Lytham *run*

Mik Malgeri

Sean might be in Blackpool

Caroline Sarah Louise

20 quid says he dies

Leigh Casee

Of course he will die it’s Sean Bean....he dies in everything

James Shaw

He didn’t die in the Lightning Thief. Though that film was terrible

Amy Draycott