High wire act to keep Blackpool Tower's Skywalk clean

The team from Eurosafe Solutions at the Blackpool Tower
The team from Eurosafe Solutions at the Blackpool Tower

Cleaning the Skywalk at Blackpool Tower is not for the feint-hearted.

And with the glass viewing platform being 380ft off the ground it inevitably could present safety problems for anyone wanting to clean it.

But it has to be done twice a year to keep the view perfect for visitors.

So the facilities team at Blackpool Tower called on installer Eurosafe Solutions, working closely with MSA Safety, to provide the most innovative and easy to use solution available.

Eurosafe, which has worked on the O2 in London, chose the MSA Latchways overhead system for the Tower and installed a single overhead line, 10 metres long, directly below the glass walkway.

The system used heavy duty end anchors and navigated the existing structure using intermediate brackets.

A spokesman said: “The system was fitted in a single day, with another day for all relevant safety checks.

"The tight timeframe was made even more acute as the installation team could only access the walkway using the passenger lift, which was only in operation when wind speeds were low.”