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Simon Curry, CEO Nixon Williams
Simon Curry, CEO Nixon Williams
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Many self-employed people set up in business by themselves to get away from office politics, a new survey shows.

Accountants Nixon Williams specialises in accountancy services for contractors.

Most have never run their own businesses before so we help them set up, get all their financials sorted and off they go

Today it employs more than 60 full-time accountants and look after the businesses of over 4,000 clients.

To mark its 20th anniversary the firm commissioned its first ever survey into the lifestyles of 1,000 of their contractors.

Group CEO, Simon Curry said the Blackpool company is enjoying a sustained period of growth as more clients sign up to a life of self-employment. “There are over 4.6 million self-employed people in the UK and it’s becoming a positive lifestyle choice for both men and women.

“Most have never run their own businesses before so we help them set up, get all their financials sorted and off they go.”

Alan Williams and Andrew Nixon first set up the business in 1995 after they noticed a gap in the contractor market.

Since then the company has grown at a fast rate and is now one of the leading experts in its field.

Simon said: “We have a great relationship with our clients, “but the survey has given us fresh insights into what is going on.”

Being self-employed of course means leaving the office and its politics way behind, a point remarked on by many branching out on their own.

A massive 61 per cent said that they could not wait to get out of claustrophobic office situations with gossip and political manoeuvring of colleagues.

One said: “You might miss some of the social interaction but you don’t miss that!”

The main reason for taking up life as a freelancer or contractor however was the opportunity to earn more money.

Nearly 80 per cent said that they had experienced higher rates of pay on a contract deal.

Flexibility (62 per cent) and a sense of freedom (55 per cent) also came high up the agenda of benefits with one in two saying they had improved work/life balance.

Simon said: “Our contractors told us there was more recognition of their expertise once they became contractors and there was more opportunity to develop skills, because additional work came as a result.”

An overwhelming 77.5 per cent said going self-employed had been a positive choice.