Growth plan... if I were king

Steve Pye, chairman of the Blackpool FSB branch.
Steve Pye, chairman of the Blackpool FSB branch.
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I completed a quick survey the other day and one of the questions was “What is needed to get Britain back to growth?”

There are many people more educated and qualified than me to find a solution to that, but they don’t seem to have got around to doing it.

So, until they do, this is my six pence worth.

What I would do personally, (Please note that this is not FSB policy!) if I was tasked to turn the economic fortunes around would be to compel all political parties, press and media barons, business organisations and financial institutions to sit around a big table and request that they put aside all their differences, hidden agendas for power, ego’s and rivalries and work together towards delivering viable and sustainable plans for economic growth.

Because if they are prepared to work together with a common goal to get the UK out of this economic mess, then a speedy and sustainable financial recovery is possible.

If not, then I feel that we will be stuck in this mess for at least another 10 years.

The general public are sick all the playground antics of shifting blame, trying to climb the moral high ground and trying to score points all the time. They don’t care who did what, when and where – they want a solution that will create and save jobs, build businesses and give our children a future.

We should also work towards changing the mindset of the countries, who are potential trading partners, but who have learned to dislike us.

We should work on repairing any damage to any relationship with them. Each piece of negative publicity is costing the UK dearly, we should be building our reputation on the back of last years Olympic and Royal successes.