Fylde workers watch consultation over power grid

An Ap100 power plant
An Ap100 power plant
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Fylde nuclear workers will be watching as the National Grid has started a 12-week consultation exercise on plans to connect new sources of electricity generation into ‘the grid’ in Cumbria and 

The company wants to hear the views of people from the two counties on its plans to provide a connection for the proposed new nuclear power station, Moorside, near Sellafield in West Cumbria, into the existing electricity transmission system and to export power generated by other new energy projects in the North West.

The Moorside plant will generate work for nuclear 
fuel workers at Springfields after Toshiba parent company of Westinghouse, which owns the Salwick factory, signed a £100m deal to buy into the 
NuGen project to build two new Ap1000 power stations (pictured).

Robert Powell, project manager said: “This is a major milestone for National Grid.

“We have spent five years working on this project and, from today, we start to share the detail of our proposals more widely.

“We’ve had discussions with local authorities from across the region as well as key organisations.

“NuGen tells us that its proposed Moorside plant will generate enough electricity to supply around six million homes and we must find a way to securely connect their plant into our network while, at the same time, treading as lightly as possible on the treasured landscape and environment of Cumbria and north Lancashire.”