Fylde's credit union gets a CLEVR new name

Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Credit Union has changed its name to Clevr Money following its expansion across the county. L-R Erika Johnnston, Michelle Rodgers, Mike Barry, Jackie Colebourne, and Andrew Moulding

The Fylde coast’s credit union has changed its name and launched a new website to signal expansion.

The not-for -profit lender will now be known as CLEVR Money as it aims to help more people than ever.

The community bank will still provide the same, safe savings accounts and affordable loans to anyone living or working in the area, with the same faces behind the counter. But members can now do more from home with the launch of the CLEVR Money website, with a loans calculator and online applications.

Mike Barry, chief executive said: “We’ve changed our name but not our values, we are still about people, not profit. We remain committed to providing fair and affordable loans to those who struggle to get credit elsewhere, and who often end up in a spiral of debt with high interest payday and doorstep lenders.

“But we also want to demonstrate that we’re open for business to everyone on the Fylde Coast, even those who might not necessarily think we’re for them. Everybody has the right to access fair credit, and joining the credit union is a genuinely smart option for anyone looking to save or borrow money.

“As a not-for-profit lender there’s no shareholders walking away with big pay outs, the money is reinvested or shared with members. So we are able to offer some of the fairest interest rates around.

"But many people don’t realise this, or that the money they pay back or save is used to help other local people needing support. That’s being clever with money, and it’s what CLEVR Money is all about.”

He said that CLEVR Money, like all credit unions, was a professional, fully regulated financial organisation, but with a community-focused ethos which encourages financial responsibility.

He added: “We are competing in a dynamic and rapidly growing marketplace and, in a changing world, where 63 per cent of people use online banking, we need to keep pace.

"This new look and feel, and the new website, will help us to do that. This is just the start of a redevelopment of the business which will see more loan products and savings schemes offered to help people avoid sky high interest rates, and further customer service improvements over the coming months.

“Not everything will change. Our same high levels of customer service and people centred approach is still at the core of what we’re about. We’re still committed to providing ethical banking that is community driven and, of course, not for profit.”

The website can be found at www.clevr.money

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