Fylde languages firm backs international charity

Language Insight
Language Insight

A Fylde firm is backs a non-profit organisation which  helps humanitarian groups worldwide.

Kirkham-based Language Insight is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the non-profit organisation, Translators Without Borders.

Translators Without Borders offers translation and language service support for humanitarian and development agencies, and other non-profit charities on a global scale.

The organisation aims to close the language gaps that disrupt critical international development efforts worldwide. It maintains a global network of professionals working within the translation industry.

Language Insight’s managing director, Donna Twose, said: “The work that Translators Without Borders do is inspiring. It is amazing to see how the translation industry can really make a difference to how effective global development projects are.

“Our sponsorship of Translators Without Borders is not just because we are inspired by the work they do, it’s also because their core values match ours in so many ways, from integrity to excellence and innovation.”