Fylde holiday park’s anger at plans for waste site

The Lancashire Waste Recycling plant in Thonrton
The Lancashire Waste Recycling plant in Thonrton
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Furious bosses at a major Fylde coast holiday park today threatened to pull all future investment in the site after a waste recycling plant tabled plans to expand.

Owners of the Cala Gran holiday park say problems from smells and noise from the plant have hit their business already.

They fear proposals for longer hours and use of food waste will make things far worse. They have now announced plans to suspend a £1m investment in a major 
revamp of part of the site.

Other businesses in the area are also angry at the planning application Lancashire Waste Recycling has made to Lancashire County Council.

The application for the site at Burn Hall Thornton, has drawn concern from the Environment Agency.

It said it has had concerns about smell and noise from the site in the past.

The bid aims to increase the waste company’s hours of operation from the current of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays to 7am to 7pm weekdays, 8am to 1pm Saturday and 1pm to 5pm on Sundays.

The firm, which converts landfill waste into fuel which can be used to power manufacturing plants, also wants to be able to operate its machinery with the waste handling plant doors open to allow trucks in and out more easily and to allow the use of waste with low level food contamination.

Earlier this year Lancashire Waste Recycling secured £300,000 from the Rosebud Finance fund to improve efficiency and expand operations creating up to 10 more jobs on top of the existing 15.

But bosses at Cala Gran who say their business contributed £5m to the local economy through its 30,000 visitors every year and employs 120 people, rising to 320 at the height of the season, say the expansion will threaten their business.

A spokesman confirmed: “We are now reviewing our operations.

“With immediate effect, all new development plans, including major capital projects, will be put on hold. Development proposals that have been held for 2015 include a new £1m swimming pool, reception and showground area and landscaping enhancements.

“The threat of the present facilities at Venture Road being allowed to process discarded food waste, increase plant working hours, operate at weekends and Bank Holidays, increase traffic movements and the potential for alterations to noise levels, leaves us with no alternative but to carry out a full review of our investment plans for Cala Gran.


“The noise and smells created by the operations at the Lancashire Waste Recycling plant have unfortunately impacted on our business for almost two years. To allow this company licence to increase this disturbance beggars belief.

“Our legal and planning teams are currently engaged with officials from Lancashire County Council in efforts to halt this new and imminent threat to the future development of Cala Gran which has been a key financial contributor and employer to the local economy for many years.”

In a statement to the county council Dave Hortin from the Environment Agency said some efforts by the recycling firm had been made to combat noise and smells on the site.

But he said: “We have some concerns in regard to this planning application. In terms of noise we still believe that the noise from the site is likely to cause unacceptable pollution outside of the site boundary.

“We have not approved the current noise management plan and this is currently under review. we do not agree that the noise coming offsite is at an acceptable level.

“In terms of odour, greater investment has been made and we are currently reviewing information to confirm the site’s abatement 
measures are effective.

“There is still an odour issue in the area which is still being reported to us the source of which is currently unclear. However, with the information we currently have available we cannot eliminate Lancashire Waste Recycling form being the source of this odour.”

The objection has been supported by neighbouring businesses, residents and local councillors.

John Warnock Fleetwood town councillor from the Mount Ward has written to the county council to oppose the plans.

Coun Don MacNaughton from Bourne Ward on Wyre Council said: “I must express concern about this application and the potential effects on residents, of which I am one.”

Fleetwood Road residents have also told of concerns.

Shane Hunter, 37: “The smell is just so bad people are getting frustrated.”

Adrian Lord, 37 added: “I get up in the morning and it stinks. We get a lot of flies. We have to keep the windows closed. It really is horrible – it’s like milk gone off in the fridge.

“It is that smell all the time. There is a petition going around I think to stop it opening longer.”

Jill Bradshaw 65: “If the council allowed it it would be so bad for the area. The smell is awful as is the noise. A lot of the neighbours can’t stand the place.”

No one from Lancashire Waste Recycling was available to comment.