Fylde Coast ice cream shop owner's TV art paint off.

Jane Voss
Jane Voss

A Lancashire ice cream parlour owner was last night celebrating getting through the third round of BBC’s Big Painting Challenge.

Jane Voss runs Silly Moos Ice Cream Parlour in St Annes, but the keen artist is now taking part in BBC TV’s Big Painting Challenge.

One of Jane's paintings for the BBC programme

One of Jane's paintings for the BBC programme

Jane studied Arts & Education at Bretton Hall College, University of Leeds, thinking that she’d go into teaching art.

However she stumbled into Basic Skills education and found that she was good at helping those students who, for whatever reason, didn’t succeed in their school education.

As work and family took up her time, her availability to paint and draw became less.

Artwork took a backseat to her career for more than 20 years, but Jane tried to keep her hand in with projects such as carnival floats and odd commissions.

Jane and her family decided to move, back to a beach and set up their own catering business in St Annes.

Jane researched, invested and created Silly Moos Ice Cream Parlour in Orchard Road from scratch including travelling to China to find the perfect machines to make unique custom ordered flavours for each order.

She said this change in lifestyle gave the whole family a chance to “get creative” again, time to paint and draw when not in the shop.

She said her artistic influences are the Fauvists such as Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck, plus Impressionists such as Degas and Vincent Van Gogh

Enthusiastic painter Jane said: “I just want to create pieces of art which people enjoy”.