Fylde built Typhoon to get radar update

Typhoon which will be getting a radar update
Typhoon which will be getting a radar update
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Potential sales of the Fylde-built Typhoon were given a boost today after Prime Minister David Cameron announced a £1.1bn cash injection for defence “to help keep our country safe and stop terrorism at source”.

On a visit on the opening day of the Farnborough Air Show in Hampshire, he said that, among the projects, £300m would be used for 
existing programmes, including next generation radars for 
Typhoon combat jets.

The Warton-built jets currently use a mechanically scanning radar system but many new customers have been demanding electronically scanning version.

This would allow pilots to track more targets more effectively, deliver a wider bandwidth which gives it the potential to be multi-purpose, and giving pilots a wider field of view. It will extend the life of the Typhoon and keep it at the cutting edge of air combat capability, making it more marketable.

A BAE Systems spokesman said: “We welcome the announcement made by the Prime Minister this morning with respect to confirming the UK Government’s commitment to the installation of E-scan radar on to Typhoon.

“We look forward to working with the UK MoD on further developing the capability of Typhoon to ensure that it is equipped to meet the challenges of the coming decade.”

BAE Systems is hoping to sell the aircraft to governments worldwide with potential customers including Bahrain, Qatar, Malaysia, Canada, Poland and Denmark all looking to update their fleets.