Fracking story set for big screen

The Cuadrilla Resourses site at Grange Hill, Singleton.
The Cuadrilla Resourses site at Grange Hill, Singleton.
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A HOLLYWOOD blockbuster is set to bring the story of fracking in America to the big screen.

The controversial method of shale gas drilling - which is taking place across the United States – is set to be the subject of director Gus van Sant’s latest film, due to start filming later this month.

The film, Promised Land, has been described by US anti-fracking groups as an “anti-fracking blockbuster” and stars Matt Damon, who also co-wrote the screen-play.

Fracking is a highly controversial topic in America, and the Oscar nominated 2010 documentary Gasland transferred fears about its impact on the environment and underground water sources to the big screen.

The Fylde coast is the first place in England where fracking has taken place, though the process – which involves shooting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals deep underground to fracture rock and release gas - has been suspended for almost a year after fracking at Cuadrilla Resources’ site in Weeton caused earth tremors in the region.

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