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Next Gener-ation Media is all set for expansion by recruiting more staff.
Next Gener-ation Media is all set for expansion by recruiting more staff.
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A BLACKPOOL based media company is set to take on 20 new staff and open its own academy.

Next Generation Media based at the Blackpool Business Park is gearing up for expansion in a year which has seen it launch a green screen virtual technology suite to offer business customers the chance to promote their services using its in-house film studio.

Now it is to recruit staff and could be set to double its 40 plus workforce within the next 12 months.

NGM currently has vacancies within sales, design, and admin.

Managing Director Philip Oates said the key to success had been to grow the company organically and gradually with hardly any bank borrowings.

He said: “I think that our tight control of costs over the years has paid dividends particularly in the past two years, we can now confidently expand from a solid financial base.”

NGM has also built from scratch its own Customer Relationship Management which effectively handles the entire business process. “I’m not aware of any other company within our sector that has such a powerful tool at their disposal.”

Mr Oates said the plan to found the company’s own Media Academy was an exciting prospect for 2013.

He said: “We have the resources available to us to train and shortly certify potential designers and creatives within our company.

“We now plan to expand this concept and the academy is a great vehicle for us to recruit quality candidates and get students to the standard we expect.”

“We anticipate taking on at least 20 more people within the next six months and potentially doubling our entire workforce within the next 12 months.”

NGM’s clients include local and central government, NHS, Spire, Marriott, Scottish and southern energy, Hilton, Harrods, HSE, to name a few and NGMs area of operations services almost every business sector from healthcare, retail, hospitality, energy and government.

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