Flushing completed at Wyre polymers company

Victrex's office es at the Hillhouse site in Thornton
Victrex's office es at the Hillhouse site in Thornton
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Thornton-based Victrex has taken another step forward to the opening of one of its new production facilities.

The company, which is aiming to raise production of its high performance plastics used in a variety of hi-tech industries, engaged V&A Hydraulics to perform crucial preparation work.

V&A provided a technical flushing service for a new manufacturing system.

V&A managing director Vic Seddon said: “System flushing was vital to help prepare new pipework in manufacturing operations, as well support repair and maintenance of systems. We deployed three of our highly trained hydraulics engineers to deliver an 
intensive flushing exercise. The project essentially involved flushing out new 
pipework which links to a power unit.

“It plays a role in the operation of ancillary machinery including pumps, valves and cylinders within the polymer casting line.

“It is very important to clean out debris from brand new or older pipes.

“The flushing process chemically cleans and treats internal systems.

“Failure to do can cause 
expensive, time consuming and disruptive breakdowns.

“For manufacturing 
operations running on a 24/7 schedule this can cause utter chaos.”