Federation head joins task force

Gary Lovatt, Federation of Small Business (FSB) Regional Chairman for Lancashire & Cumbria
Gary Lovatt, Federation of Small Business (FSB) Regional Chairman for Lancashire & Cumbria
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Lancashire and Cumbria region Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, Gary Lovatt, has joined the North West Energy Task Force.

In his role as a panellist, Gary will sit alongside ten other North West regional business leaders and entrepreneurs in shaping policies.

His membership comes as the Task Force has reached the milestone of over 300 supporters since it was launched.

It held a supply chain conference in April in Blackpool which was attended by Energy Minister Michael Fallon.

It believes the responsible development of natural gas from shale in the North West could boost jobs and growth, increase tax revenues and enhance national energy security, as well as create a bridge to a lower carbon future.

Since it’s unveiling in January, the task force has won the support from the likes of Blackpool hoteliers, Merseyside chemical companies, independent garage owners, Greater Manchester pharmaceutical distributors and Cheshire geotechnical firms.

Mr Lovatt said: “My background in business and standing-up for North West interests has shown me that we have both the skills and entrepreneurial spirit to make the responsible development of natural gas a success.

“I represent 7,500 small businesses in Lancashire and Cumbria and I call on all entrepreneurs, small businesses and wealth creators to get behind the Bowland Basin for more North West jobs, investment and enhanced national energy security.”

John Kersey, panel member of the task force, said: “I am delighted to see growing support for the task force amongst the North West business community. The task force believes that natural gas from our region’s shale is the next chapter in Britain’s 250 years story of economic prosperity.”