Far East bid for Typhoon bosses

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EUROFIGHTER Typhoon bosses visited Japan in a bid to win work which could safeguard thousands of Fylde coast jobs.

Newly-appointed Military Air and Information managing director, Chris Boardman joined Eurofighter colleagues on the visit to Tokyo to promote the state-of-the-art Warton-built plane as the solution to meet Japan’s future combat aircraft requirement.

The Japanese government is searching for 40 multi-role aircraft, known as the F-X programme.

To reflecting the strong commitment to deepen the strategic partnership with Japan, the supervisory board of Eurofighter GmbH has for the first time held a board meeting in Tokyo.

Senior executives from BAE Systems and the three other Eurofighter partner companies visited Japan to discuss the status of the Eurofighter Typhoon F-X campaign and strategic next steps, and to hold talks with ambassadors of the four consortium member-nations – the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Mr Boardman said: “This meeting of the board demonstrates the enthusiasm of the consortium to work with Japan.

“We are ready to offer Japan’s defence industry considerable participation in the programme, which will offer significant technology transfer opportunities, including the source code, and the ability to develop and sustain key skills, capabilities and jobs within Japanese industry.”

UK ambassador to Japan, David Warren, added: “As with broader economic partnership, there is much that Europe and Japan can gain by cooperating more closely in the aerospace and defence field.

“We share a great deal in common, including common values, a close relationship with the United States and the need for interoperability with US equipment, and similar pressures from an increasingly complex security environment.”

Eurofighter test pilot Mark Bowman has been honing his display skills to perfection in the skies above Warton this week – in time for the Royal International Air Tattoo on Friday.

He said: “This is a major opportunity to showcase UK capability to an international audience. The Typhoon programme sustains many thousands of jobs. It is important that we keep the aircraft in the spotlight as we compete for business.