Families in Blackpool among some of the poorest in the country for disposable income

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Residents in Blackpool had an average of £13,848 to live on once factors such as taxes are paid for - making it one of the poorest areas in the country for disposable income.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows the area to be 18th lowest area in the country for disposable income after finishing 156th out of the 173 areas.

Blackpool’s results provide a stark comparison to residents in the Westminster borough of London which had an average of £43,577 gross disposable income per head in 2013, the highest of any area of Britain.

Gross disposable income is described by the ONS as money left after “expenditure associated with income”.

It reflects what people have to live on once their taxes, mortgage or rent and pension savings have been taken out.

The figures relate to totals for all individuals within the household rather than an average household or family unit.

The ONS collated figures to see how disposable income in an area has changed since 1997 - the year Tony Blair’s New Labour government was elected.

However, the data shows Blackpool’s average disposable income has increased by almost £5,000 with the average in 1997 being £8,940 per head.