Ex-tram man turns to fun weekly auctions

Phil Burgess is setting up Bulldog Auctions for people to sell unwanted items in a social setting
Phil Burgess is setting up Bulldog Auctions for people to sell unwanted items in a social setting
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A former tram guard wants to lure bargain hunters away from eBay and their computer screens.

Phil Burgess ,of Marton, is serving up a weekly auction at St Annes tennis club for people to get rid of their unwanted items.

And Phil said he hopes for it to become a social occasion as much as a way for people to make some money out of their bric-a-brac.

Phil, who is currently working at the Pleasure Beach, said the auctions would be a form of recycling, too.

He said: “People always have lots of things kicking around the home or cluttering the garage which might not be worth too much but which someone somewhere will want.

“We are not talking high value items, anything really starting from a couple of quid up to £50 and more generally.

“The sale will begin from around 6.30pm and at the end of the evening people can take the goods away and sellers get a cash transfer.

“We are launching on May 7, same as the General 
Election, so it is easy for people to remember and something a lot more interesting to do!

“There will be refreshments and drinks and in the past people have used these auctions as more of a social occasion.

“They come along, have a look at the goods on offer, make a few bids and enjoy socialising and a cup of tea and some cake.”

Phil, who used to work as a tram guard but lost his job after writing a poem on 
Facebook about drunken passengers late at night abusing staff, said he was hoping the idea would be welcomed by Blackpool people.

He added: “People with goods to sell can call in 
advance and I will collect if necessary.

“I have already had a lot of interest and have had to double my storage facility for the items.

“It helps people get rid of items they are fed up with or have hanging around, while others come looking for a bargain or something they cannot afford elsewhere.

“We will have more than 200 lots per sale and people can come down from 5pm to look at the lots before the auction.

“When I was living down in Hampshire, where my parents are, we ran an auction like this and it was very successful.

“I sold it on before coming to work in Blackpool.

“Some people don’t like using online sales because they sell something for £2 and next week it’s on a car boot for £20.

“Here things find their own value and there is just a 10 percent buyer and sellers fee.”