Events at park boost business

Blackpool Wakepark
Blackpool Wakepark
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BLACKPOOL Wakepark has been boosted by a series of competition events designed top attract top professionals and local amateurs alike.

And for the next three weeks the park, situated at Ream Hill’s Park, Weeton, has double the usual capacity after a second set of cables, designed to pull wakeboarders across the lake, was installed.

Tim Woodhead of Industry Wake Parks runs the operation on site. He said: “After being open for just over a year and with plenty of local riders loving the wake park, we have temporally installed a second cable. This means that for the next three weeks we can double out capacity and offer our customers a far greater experience during the busy summer months.

“The competitions have definitely helped get people in and we’ve had competitors from Manchester and the rest of the north west coming – one guy came to the last event from London.

“People are travelling but at the same time it has been designed for local residents to have a go.”

The park uses a simple cable system that wakeboarders hold on to, to be propelled across the lake.

In the centre of the lake are a series of ramps for the experts - but amateurs can just enjoy being pulled across the lake and back.

Mr Woodhead added: “The park is not only suitable for beginners to learn but is also perfect for all standards of riders,

“No longer do you need to own an expensive boat – you can simply turn up and go wakeboarding with professional instruction from qualified instructors and can teach anyone from eight years old and upwards. On Tuesday I taught an eight-year-old and a 66-year-old to wakeboard for the first time, that was a great feeling!”

And the park’s credentials are growing with the professional community.

Last week, World Wakeboard Association Wake Park World Champion Daniel Grant from Thailand took part in a session.

And tournaments are organised with both amateurs and professionals competing at the same time, allowing all standards of boarder to mingle together.

The park opened in May last year and offers sports including stand up paddle boarding to all standards of water sports enthusiasts.

The next and 2011 final of the Blackpool Wake Series is on September 17 and spectators can watch the event for free.

More than 70 people have entered the competitions at the park so far this year with a popular rookies division for those who have just started, a juniors division and many more.

The format of the competitions gives competitors the whole day to practice with pro coaching available from the professionals on offer.