Dumped rubbish is holiday turn off

Steve Smith (right) and Ivan Varney are angry at fly-tippers.
Steve Smith (right) and Ivan Varney are angry at fly-tippers.
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HOTELIERS say fly-tippers targeting the alley behind their properties are putting off guests and losing them business.

Now they are calling for measures to be taken to prevent people from dumping rubbish at the back of their hotels in North Shore.

Business owners in Derby Road say alley gates should be installed in order to try to reduce the amount of refuse being left.

In recent weeks, they have found old TVs and even beds dumped in the alley which runs behind Derby Road and the Promenade.

Residents have also witnessed people using the area as a toilet.

And Blackpool Council has pledged to bring in alley gates in a bid to cut down on the anti-social behaviour.

Ivan Varney, who owns The Derby Hotel, said: “Bags of rubbish are dumped in the morning and when the wind starts up, it blows the debris everywhere.

“Some people also use the alley as a urinal at night, and then we have to spend two hours putting disinfectant down to get rid of the smell. We are losing trade because of it.”

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Steve Smith, of The Benson Hotel, added: “We’ve had TVs dumped out there and we have beds here now.

“When holidaymakers come to our hotels and see all this rubbish, it is not a good image. It’s like Blackpool tip.

“We are the only ones around here who have not got alley gates, and we want the council to install some gates so we can try to stop all these problems.”

Alley gates are mostly funded out of councillors’ ward budgets.

Coun Ivan Taylor, ward councillor for Claremont which includes Derby Road, said action was being taken and warned fly-tippers would be prosecuted if caught.

He said: “We have started the process of getting alley gates there. Fly-tipping is a big problem. The council will carry out a clean up and if we identify fly-tippers we will prosecute them.”

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