Down Under to pave bigger way

Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarke
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A BUSINESS development firm has launched an international division following huge success in Australia.

Freckleton-based Talent Dynamics, run by Michelle Clarke, has seen demand for its Pathway programme grow following a series of successful meetings on the continent.

The firm calls itself the number one business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow which, Mrs Clarke admits, does baffle some people initially.

She said: “Our concept is actually quite simple.

“We believe trust and flow should be the focus of big companies, but too often they concentrate solely on revenue and profit at the expense of what’s occurring in their own organisation.

“But if more time is taken to increase trust within a company, between departments and with customers those benefits can be leveraged to improve flow – improved flow will bring profits.

“Large companies may have staff with multiple skills but if they do not engage with each other their future is bleak in this economic climate.”

Michelle, 38, pictured left, added: “The reaction we got in Australia was amazing. We decided the best strategy for our own growth was to engage local performance consultants who better understand the local market and are best placed to grow the business down under.

“They will be licensed to use the Talent Dynamics Pathway, the most popular tool in our suite of products.”

The company’s first professional visit to Australia, which took Michelle to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, saw her engage 12 performance consultants who will undergo training this summer before introducing the programme down under.

At the current rate of growth, Michelle expects to have 50 Talent Dynamics consultants throughout the UK, Australia, Japan, the US and South Africa by the end of 2011.

Kevin O’Loughlin, director of Altius Growth Strategies in Melbourne, is to become one of the first Talent Dynamics performance consultants in Australia. He said: “My training with the company will add a new and powerful dimension to my work with leaders and teams.”