Don’t criticise... get involved

Steve Pye Fylde coast business leader
Steve Pye Fylde coast business leader
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If people do not vote then as far as I am concerned they lose the right to criticise the political parties and the way we are governed.

In fact they also insult the memory of people who have died in the struggle to live in a democratic world.

Someone once said that “No critic has ever had a statue built in his honour” mainly because critics are unwilling and unable to get involved in the causes that they are criticising.

Why cant these people make positive alternative proposals and get involved with trying to change the world they live in?

The Blackpool Illuminations are the greatest free show on earth and, for a number of reasons, people like to criticise everything about them, instead of getting involved and adding their ideas to the people managing and supporting them. Investment is required and everybody recognises that new features need to be added, yet according to the latest National Omnibus survey Blackpool enjoyed its best ever visitor numbers for an autumn season since records began.

More than four million adults visited the resort between September and December 2013, that represents an increase of 250,000 visits over the same period in 2012.

Richard Ryan and the Friends of the Illuminations are doing a great job in trying to keep the Lights going – but they need support from the businesses and the good people of the Fylde coast.

The Illuminations gives so much joy to millions, so please get involved in building on the success of such a fantastic tourist asset.

I am sure Richard and co would welcome your help, ideas and money so why not contact them at

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