Disabled couple left in the dark over cut

David and Wendy Hughes of Annaslay Ave, Layton.
David and Wendy Hughes of Annaslay Ave, Layton.
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A DISABLED ex-serviceman says he was left in the dark over a huge power cut which saw more than 100 residents with no electricity.

David Hughes and his wife Wendy, both of who are registered disabled and use wheelchairs, said they awoke at around 2am yesterday to alarms going off and no power.

Mr Hughes said he had difficulty getting around his home on Annasley Avenue, Layton, as his stairlift was rendered useless, to find the source of the problem.

His frustrations grew as he failed to get a response from Electricity North West.

He said: “We’re vulnerable residents.

“North West Electricity were just saying they were dealing with it. They were telling us it would be just a few minutes but it was hours.”

Around 150 households in the Layton area were also left without power until 1.30pm yesterday due to a high voltage cable fault.

Mr Hughes added: “We were struggling around the house with no hot water or lights and I’d imagine lots of other people were.

“I’m just frustrated with the company for, pardon the pun, keeping us in the dark.”

Mr Hughes said he was not told if he would need to find alternative accommodation, which would be further complicated by his disability.

Phil Briggs, response manager for Electricity North West, said: “There was a high voltage cable fault affecting 150 customers in Layton at 9.34am.

“Engineers arrived on site and worked to locate the fault as quickly as possible and power was restored to all customers by 1.30pm.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Mr Hughes, an ex-Royal Artillery serviceman, added: “I called four or five numbers but they just said we’ll get back to you, only the council ever did.

“With more and more disabled people living in the community this kind of risk has to be allowed for.”

Vulnerable residents can register as priority customers by visiting www.enwl.co.uk

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