Curry lovers to celebrate national dish

Spice Lounge, Birley Street, Blackpool
Spice Lounge, Birley Street, Blackpool
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Crowned Britain’s favourite dish the traditional curry is being celebrated in all it’s spice and glory during National Curry week.

Running until October 18 curry lovers up and down the country can rekindle their love for a mind-blowing Madras or play it safe with a sweet Korma – and the Fylde is ready to tuck in!

Blue Diamond, Highfield Road, Blackpool

Blue Diamond, Highfield Road, Blackpool

As ranked by TripAdvisor, the Fylde coast’s top curry houses start with the Spice Lounge on Birley Street, in central Blackpool.

A family run business, the Adam clan serve up authentic, home-made curries and pride themselves on fresh ingredients and unique recipes.

Fiazel Adam, 31, son of the Adam family, said: “We’ve been open for 18 months now, business is great and I check Trip Advisor everyday for new reviews, it’s always nice to read good feedback on our food and service.

“We make everything fresh and take a lot of pride in that.”

The Taj Mahal, Lytham Road, Blackpool

The Taj Mahal, Lytham Road, Blackpool

Ranking just below is The Taj Mahal on Lytham Road, South Shore and Blue Diamond on Highfield Road, South Shore, both of which have received five star Trip Advisor reviews from happy visitors across the Fylde coast and beyond.

But what is your favourite curry?

James Willey, 19, from Poulton, is one of the Fylde’s Madras lovers.

He said: “People say it’s too hot but it really isn’t, I’d say it was medium, the flavours are great, I rarely pick anything else.”

For the more extreme curry eccentrics the mighty vindaloo takes the top-spot.

Ian Blunt, 60, from Blackpool, said: “I love my curries and a vindaloo is the hottest you can get, the more spice the better, I love all my foods hot and spicy.

“Sometimes they put too much cinnamon in and I don’t like that but if a curry is done well you can taste every bit of it even if the spice content is high.”

Anthony Connor, 32, from Poulton is a rogan josh fan. He said: “It’s medium spice and full of tomatoes, I’m not a fan of anything too spicy, so a rogan is perfect for me.”

Chris Lucey, 27, from Blackpool, said his favourite was lamb korai.

He said: “ It’s full of tomato and peppers, again it’s not too spicy.”

While Craig Garland, 37, from Blackpool, said he favours a chicken balti.

He said: “Chicken balti is a lovely curry and with a medium spice, others are just too hot for me.” -

But 36-year-old Barry Furness, from Blackpool, said he preferred his curry sweet. He said: “I’m really not into hot food so a korma’s perfect for me, I like the sweetness of it.”