Crowd-funding bid for Fylde education project

Sarah Bellamy (left) with illustrator Victoria Hodgson
Sarah Bellamy (left) with illustrator Victoria Hodgson
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A Poulton business owner and mum, looking to kick-start a dynamic children’s brand, are turning to an innovative way of raising funding.

Sarah Bellamy, owner of Poppy & Jack’s Nursery, is using knowledge acquired over the past four years and digital technology, to launch a new preschool concept.

The project revolves around a colourful character she has created called CanBe Owl.

Sarah’s concept is all about children creating their own CanBe Owls and uploading characters online, to see them travel on their own digital journeys.

It also involves giving parents and teachers the inspiration to have children create objects for their own stories out of everyday items such as tissue boxes, balls of string and milk bottles.

But to get it off the ground she is turning to Kickstarter, the online crowd-funding system which gets pledges from supporters towards a target

A pledge can be as little as £1, but every £1 or more pledged will not only make a massive difference, but also bring the pledger something in return, such as exclusive backer updates or a personalised certificate to the person of the pledger’s choice.

Sarah said:“Through digital technology, I can deliver one-to-one development and stimuli that will enable each child engaged with Canbe Owls to grow and develop their potential.

“It’s an exciting concept and one that I hope the Fylde Coast will help me bring to fruition.”

She has joined forces with her friend, Victoria Hodgson, from Preston, to create sample illustrations to show how her brand would look and has also produced a video that 
explains the end goal.

Sarah thinks she may be the only local Kickstarter project, but believes that, if successful she will be able to inspire thousands of young children and grow their imaginations. She is already more than halfway towards her target of £2,411.

She plans to make the website a first port of call for parents of Early Years children, nurseries and childminders, making it rich in resources for the home or classroom.

To back Sarah before the Kickstarter deadline of April 16, go to