‘Concrete ghetto’ blast over 55 new homes

Campaigners from the SAVE group in Staining.
Campaigners from the SAVE group in Staining.
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CAMPAIGNERS against a proposed housing development have warned it will turn a village into a “concrete ghetto”.

Residents in Staining say the 55 home plan by Jones Homes is unsustainable and the impact on roads and schooling will be “beyond comprehension” should it go ahead.

Their comments came during a public exhibition yesterday at Staining Village Hall which was held to display the plans.

Other concerns about the proposed scheme include fears the land is susceptible to flooding and claims there are more than 100 unsold houses in the village at present.

Martin Smith, 53, of Whitehead Close, is a member of Staining Against Village Expansion (SAVE).

He said: “It’s going to create a concrete ghetto.

“We came to live in Staining because it’s a nice place but they’re going to kill the golden goose.

“It’ll be a very unpleasant place to live, it’s mental.”

Residents have previously said the homes are unnecessary due to some properties in the village already not selling as well as raising flooding issues.

Staining Parish Council vice chairman, Malcolm Hyland, added: “We’ve watched it grow from a village to what it is now and I don’t want it to grow anymore.”

John Roocroft, development director at Jones Homes, said they were confident the homes were needed.

He added: “We accept there’s a long history of flooding in the village, however we have to satisfy United Utilities and the Environment Agency and that’s what we’ve done. The fact there’s houses unsold in the village at the minute is a result of the economic climate we’re all suffering from but we obviously don’t envisage that happening for the foreseeable future.”

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