Companies’ overspend on IT work

IT advice Richard Summers, sales director at Infinium Group
IT advice Richard Summers, sales director at Infinium Group
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Many businesses are operating without knowing the true cost of their IT support, according to a Bispham IT firm.

Infinium IT, based on Faraday Way, has recently seen an increase in the numbers of companies contacting it to ask for an audit and has discovered that most of them are spending thousands more than they need to.

One client was found to have overspent by £12,000 on licences alone.

The company claims that it is because many small to medium sized businesses spend too much money on equipment they do not need, duplicate costs with things like licences and fail to have proper IT strategies in place.

On top of this, there is the risk companies are exposed to further costs if an employee leaves, as it is estimated that to replace a member of IT staff can be nearly £5,000.

Not to mention the average salary of a technician is estimated to be around £25,000 per year.

Richard Summers, sales director at Infinium Group said: “Although IT plays a vital role in every business, it is often the area that is least thought about.

“We would urge all owners and directors to make sure they know exactly what they are spending, and to find out how streamlining IT support can help to benefit their business.

“It is better to have an external independent auditor come in to take a look at the systems currently in operation, as they often have a wide range of expertise and knowledge, and are always up to date with the latest technology.

“A trained professional will be able to advise on cost savings and help any business stay on top of its competitors.”

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