Club rapped for beer festival noise

Marton Institute
Marton Institute
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A Blackpool social club has been told to keep the noise down after a beer festival it hosted prompted complaints from neighbours.

People living near the Marton Institute in Oxford Square protested to the council after they were disturbed during the three-day event held by the club over the Bank Holiday weekend from August 22 to 24.

Now, following a town hall hearing to review the venue’s licence, the institute has been told in future it must give residents seven days notice if there is any intention to hold special outdoor events.

In addition, no live music will be permitted outside after 7pm with the exception of three days per calendar year when it may be provided outside until 10pm if a satisfactory noise assessment has been carried out.

Following the hearing, solicitor Trevour Colebourne, who had represented the Marton Institute at the hearing, said; “This was the first time they had run a beer festival with live music.

“They had a marquee with live bands and it was naivety about how sound travels.

“On their behalf I apologised to neighbours for the disturbance.

“The Marton Institute is an important part of the community hub and they want to co-operate with their neighbours. It is very well run and this was a one-off problem.”

There were five offical complaints about noise from neighbours, and six letters of support for the institute.The council said adding the conditions to the licence “would strike a balance” between the needs of the institute to stage a successful festival, and the rights of residents.