Cleveleys couple at home with their own Agency

The Agency Lancashire team, left to right: Ronnie Mott, Shirley Mott, Vicky Hitchen, Nichole Mott
The Agency Lancashire team, left to right: Ronnie Mott, Shirley Mott, Vicky Hitchen, Nichole Mott
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A Blackpool couple have launched their own business to make the most of years of experience and to bring the personal touch to their field.

Ronnie and Nichole Mott started their estate agency and lettings company, called simply The Agency Lancashire, to make life simpler for customers.

Nichole is Blackpool-born and bred and Ronnie has lived in the area since the age of eight.

The couple also have a sister company for property management, TAL Management, with both based in Rossall Road, Cleveleys.

Ronnie said: “It is a real family business, we have mum Shirley Mott and cousin Vicky Hitchen helping us.

“My background is in property management and building maintenance and Nichole’s is in estate agencies and sales.

“We have more than 18 and 10 years experience working for other companies and we simply wanted to work for ourselves and set up the business exactly how we wanted it.

“We use a combination of web-based portals, social media and local advertising, mixed with a family-run business approach.

“With big companies you sometimes can end up working as much looking after the firm and the staff as looking after clients’ interests and we wanted to move away from that.

“We want to take the personal approach a family firm can offer and because we have low overheads we can use that to give customers a better deal.

“Our aim is to break into the local market and then once established grow the business.

“We will be considering a second agency in Lytham but we will maintain the family firm ethic.

“For example, some lettings agents charge clients up to £400 just to register and pay for reference checks and we don’t want to do that. Our USP will be to keep costs to a bare minimum just to cover the costs so we hope to attract the good clients and the landlords will follow.

“We are local people and know the market well.

“We met when we were 17 and 18 working as editorial assistants at the Blackpool Gazette before we moved into our current careers.”

The Agency has teamed up with Southerns Law to offer combined selling and conveyancing package and with Bamboo online auctions.