Cash boost bid for market

David Clewes, Gordon Marsden and Susie Gallagher
David Clewes, Gordon Marsden and Susie Gallagher
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Owners of a Blackpool market which was saved after financial problems caused its temporary closure have applied for council cash to safeguard its future.

New Market, on Waterloo Road, South Shore, is the latest in a string of businesses to seek assistance from the Blackpool Council’s Blackpool Investment Fund.

The market closed down in January last year, after its parent company In Shops Centre Ltd went bust.

It affected around 20 traders who were given just days to vacate the premises.

The closure sparked efforts by councillors, officers and Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden to help save the market.

The Blackpool Investment Fund was established to help businesses and other investors to bring forward job creating schemes.

In recent months, Tangerine Confectionery has been awarded £125,000 to save 35 jobs while Susanne Johnson’s Haberdashery, on Bond Street, has been allocated a £10,668 grant to do refurbishment of the retail space to help her remodel and re-launch the shop.

Now the owners of New Market have submitted an application for the fund which is due to be considered in the coming months.

Coun Fred Jackson said: “We’ve been working closely with the market.

“It’s really important to the local community and has a good economic impact on the area around Waterloo Road and South Shore.

“At the time that the market initially closed, we vowed to support the displaced businesses as well as try to help get the market back up and running.

“I’m pleased that the market now has new owners and where possible, we will try and help them to make the market prosper.

“One of the ways that we suggested that we could help them is with the Blackpool Investment Fund.

“The fund is there to help local businesses to grow and I am looking forward to seeing their submission.

“From a worrying situation initially, I’m proud to say that we have supported small businesses in the area and will continue to do so.”

One of the new owners of the market, Susie Gallagher, said: “Blackpool Council’s business development team made us aware of the Investment Fund which was fantastic.

“The market was in a dilapidated state when we bought it so it does need extra investment.

“The money would certainly help us do things that we couldn’t without it and could give us a leg up of five years, which would help us get more traders in and create more jobs.”