Call to scrap parking rules

From left, Carol Collings, Nicola Parsons, Vernetta Collings, Les French, Iain Ferguson and Trevor Davis on Lord Street, Blackpool
From left, Carol Collings, Nicola Parsons, Vernetta Collings, Les French, Iain Ferguson and Trevor Davis on Lord Street, Blackpool
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Hoteliers on a key Blackpool holiday street are calling for parking restrictions to be removed.

During the winter people can park on either side of Lord Street without any time limits at any time of the day.

But from today restrictions come into force until November 11, meaning only one side of the street can be used for parking.

Now some hoteliers are claiming the measures are damaging their trade by deterring potential guests from booking in.

Trevor Davies, of the Riversvale Hotel, said: “This street has some of the nicest B&Bs in Blackpool but our trade is being affected because in summer the parking restrictions mean people can’t even stop just to drop their luggage off.

“When the restrictions are in place, they start at 8am and I get angry when I am serving breakfast and I see a parking warden handing out tickets.

“And once one of your guests gets a ticket, they won’t come back.

“I’ve even offered to pay penalties on behalf of guests who have been given a ticket – and then that’s your takings for the night gone.”

The hoteliers say they would prefer it if the restrictions were abolished year round.

Denise Benig, of the New Bond Hotel, said: “We’re told one of the reasons we can’t have the restrictions removed is because emergency vehicles can’t get through, but there are vehicles parked on both sides of the road in winter and they get through OK.”

Vernetta Collings, of the Apollo, added: “This is a key street because we are just near the town centre, but these parking restrictions are putting people off.

“The first thing people ask when they are thinking of booking is, have you got parking?”

Nicola Parsons, of The Falklands, said: “If guests have parked overnight, they have to get up early to move their cars before the 8am restrictions come in. We can’t even park in front of our own hotels.”

Iain Ferguson of the Moores Hotel has nine parking spaces at his property, but is also backing the calls.

He said: “Shops and other hotels ask to use my spaces because there is so much pressure on parking and I try to work with them.

“I do believe the principle of the legislation is out of date.”

The hoteliers have now written to the council asking them to consider their request to make the whole of Lord Street an unrestricted parking zone all year round.

Blackpool Council said the authority had previously looked at the issue but would be happy to work with residents to consider a solution.

The spokesman added: “These restrictions have been in place on Lord Street for more than 10 years.

“In 2012 we spoke to local residents and offered alternative parking arrangements.

“Unfortunately we only received a few responses and a consensus was not reached.

“We are happy to look at the issues raised by the Lord Street residents to see if a solution can be found.”

This year, the council has introduced a new hotel parking scheme entitling hotels and guest houses to offer their staying guests a new voucher-style pass called The Visitor Accommodation Permit at six different council car parks.

Hoteliers can purchase passes entitling guests to half price parking at the selected car parks – Lonsdale Road, Bloomfield Road, Banks Street, Gynn Square, South King Street and South* car parks – at a rate of £5 per 24 hours.