Businesses issue call for action after latest spate of fly-tipping

Simon Ashton next to the rubbish on Butts Close, Thornton.
Simon Ashton next to the rubbish on Butts Close, Thornton.
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Fed-up businessmen are calling for action after the latest in a series of fly-tipping incidents outside their premises.

The latest incident has left them facing a mountain of rubbish strewn down the road at Butts Close, Thornton.

John Hart who has a storage unit there said he was disgusted.

He said: “There is so much rubbish there it has clearly come off a truck.

“It looks like they have tipped up the back and just driven off up the road trailing all this behind.

“We have had lots of fly tipping here. I have reported it three time at least.

“Last time there were document in the rubbish which linked it to an address in Bamber Bridge,near Preston.

“We gave it to the council officer but there has been no action taken. It is frustrating.

“These are industrial units owned by the council, we need to have CCTV to stop this.”

Simon Ashton from Monroe Printers at the trading estate said: “It is obviously from a tipper truck.

“They have come along some time over night and just tipped the back up and let it all slide off as they drove away. It is all down the road.

“In the past tippers have at least dumped rubbish against the fence but this is right in the road.

“We have had a spate of tipping round here.

“A previous time one business owner had rotten settees dumped outside his door. They were there for days.

“Something needs to be done.

Bourne ward councillor Terry Lees said he would be looking into the incident.

He said: “I just can’t understand the mentality of people who would do such a thing. It is appalling.

“It’s not very much to go to the official tip, so if they have done this to avoid paying, it is selfish and irresponsible.”

He said of previous incidents that he could not believe that the council’s officers would have passed up an opportunity to trace the culprits but would be looking into this incident himself.

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