Business federation in 100 women inspiration drive

Helen Walby from the FSB
Helen Walby from the FSB

The Blackpool-headquarteed Federation of Small Businesses is aiming to raise the visibility of role models for women entrepreneurs with a digital campaign called 100 FSB Women.

Following International Women’s Day, 100 female UK entrepreneurs will act as ‘digital role models’.

The FSB said the UK has 5.7 million small businesses and self-employed, but it is estimated that could be boosted by a further 1.2 million new enterprises led by women.

This untapped business potential of women can be tackled, in part, by increasing the visibility of role models for women, an FSB report says.

Helen Walbey, chairman of the FSB Women in Enterprise Taskforce, said: “Research shows that women are less likely than their male counterparts to know a person in business and, as a result, have fewer opportunities to benefit from exposure to others with business experience and are less likely to see people like themselves succeeding.

“I’m really excited about the 100 FSB Women campaign. We’re using digital platforms to raise the visibility of some really exceptional women.”