British Sandwich Week: What’s your favourite?

Photo: cyclonebill on Flickr -
Photo: cyclonebill on Flickr -
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This week (May 11-17) is British Sandwich Week, honouring our favourite hand-held food full of all varieties of filling.

The sandwich is named after John Montagu (1718-92), 4th Earl of Sandwich who started a craze for eating beef between two slices of toast.

The world’s largest sandwich currently weighs 5,440 pounds.

Sandwich is also a town in Kent, although the name has no direct connection with the sandwich.

A 2013 poll by the British Sandwich Association showed UK supermarket’s most-bought sandwiches:

9. Tuna and sweetcorn

8. Southern fried chicken

7. Chicken and stuffing

6. Egg and cress

5. Ploughman’s

4. Chicken salad

3. Bacon, lettuce and tomato

2. Prawn mayonnaise

1. Chicken and bacon

But what’s your ultimate filling, and hot or cold? Share your ideal fillings/recipe/photos to get us all salivating.