Bride says ‘I do’ in Tower proposal

Craig Glasscock proposes to girlfriend Amber-Sky Watts in front of Blackpool Tower illuminations.
Craig Glasscock proposes to girlfriend Amber-Sky Watts in front of Blackpool Tower illuminations.
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AN HISTORIC fairytale wedding proposal took centre stage on the Comedy Carpet as glittering Illuminations shone down on an unfolding romance.

Amber-Sky Watts, 22, had never been to Blackpool before, but jumped at the chance to visit the resort when her boyfriend Craig Glasscock suggested they see the famous lights show.

After six months of planning with Visit Blackpool and weeks of worrying, Craig, from Essex, led his bride-to-be on to the attraction and told his girlfriend to read a message lighting up the Tower last night.

Emblazoned on a giant 10ft high heart was the message Amber-Sky least expected to see: ‘Amber, will you marry me? Craig xxx’

Moments after accepting Craig’s daring proposal and with tears of joy still shining in her eyes, the soon to be wife told The Gazette: “This was a dream come true.

“This is bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. I had no idea I was coming here until a couple of hours before we set off.

“I was looking up and taking photos of the Tower then Craig showed me the ring!

“I knew the answer was going to be ‘yes’ straight away - it was a huge surprise.

“Blackpool is the perfect setting and it’s very romantic with all the lights.”

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Craig, 26, who works in a pet shop and met his fiance four years ago this weekend in an Essex club, set his heart on proposing in Blackpool when a friend told him about the Illuminations.

He added: “I thought it was a brilliant idea and was very excited to do it.

“I’ve never been here before but when I heard about the Illuminations it seemed like the ideal place to come and do this. It’s a massive relief to hear her say ‘yes’ and I can now enjoy myself after being a nervous wreck for the past week.”

Richard Williams, Illuminations production manager, said: “We were delighted when Craig contacted us.

“We talked about a number of different possibilities but then decided the heart would be the best option.

“It symbolises their love perfectly and where better to see a proposal then 40 metres up the Blackpool Tower in the heart of Blackpool?”

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