Booths stores cream of the milk price crop

Work: Edwin Booth
Work: Edwin Booth
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Food chain Booths has kept its pledge to support dairy farmers by paying more for milk than other supermarkets.

And chairman Edwin Booth (right) has revealed his pride at the family firm topping the store charts with 34.5p a litre, 1.4p more than Waitrose and 2.78p above Sainsbury’s price.

“We are proud to pay farmers more for milk than any other supermarket,” he said.

“Paying the highest market price means family farms are able to keep going, invest in the future and spend more time and money looking after their herds to ensure they produce great quality milk.

“Booths is committed to supporting rural industry and the Fair Milk scheme makes a real difference to our dairy farmers.”

Booths made the price pledge back in May last year

Claire Barber, a farmer from Lancashire who supplies Booths, explained that the Fair Milk Scheme has been life-changing for her business and her family.

“It has secured our future, the kids’ futures, investment, moving forward and animal health and well-being,” she said.

“The benefits of an assured fair price for our milk are not only felt in the financial welfare of the farmer, but in our livestock.”

“The improvements we’ve been able to make on the farm and milking parlour have resulted in our cows producing an increased yield of three litres a day.”