Blackpool theatre’s new vista for employees

The Grand Theatre, Blackpool
The Grand Theatre, Blackpool
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Blackpool Grand Theatre has made a commitment to become one of the North West’s most progressive employers with help from Vista, the employment law firm retained by some of the UK’s most prestigious companies.

In 2014, the theatre embarked on an extensive renovation project. Alongside the cosmetic improvements, The Grand decided to refresh the whole culture of the organisation, bringing in Vista to provide hands-on and bespoke employment advice.

Blackpool’s oldest surviving theatre operates all year round and has more than 60 part-time and 
full-time staff.

Over the past 12 months The Grand has undertaken a complete policy overhaul and, with the help of Vista, has not only brought its practises in line with the latest legal requirements, but is also introducing new ideas and initiatives in employee engagement and development.

Darren Maw, managing director of Vista said: “Whether you are dealing with an organisation with 20 or 200,000 employees, the principles of good human resource management and employee development still apply. This is our first client in the arts industry and whilst they may still encounter the same employment issues as any other organisation, we have worked hard to offer a bespoke solution to the theatre. The Grand is doing some really exciting things with its workforce and we were able to apply our expertise to help it with its goal to be Blackpool’s most progressive employer.”

Tony Stone, chairman of Blackpool Grand Theatre’s operating company, said: “We were ready to refresh the way that we operate as an organisation and the Vista lawyers have provided invaluable insight and experience to help us achieve our aim.

“The Vista team has gone through our policies with a fine toothcomb, not only revamping them but providing us with practical ways to apply HR support and employment law across the Theatre.

“The senior management team at the theatre is dedicated to developing 
staff and ensuring they 
work effectively together 
to achieve their full potential, and Vista has a crucial role in helping us achieve that aim.”