Blackpool’s bid to move away from seasonal employment

A jobs fair in Blackpool
A jobs fair in Blackpool
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Blackpool’s traditional seasonal unemployment problems could be set to ease as other work sectors take the strain away from tourism and Christmas retail work.

So says the Jobcentre as more careers grow in sectors such as care.

And where once people used to find themselves out of work in October and November after the summer season ended, now they are employed longer as the Illuminations period is extended right up until shops start to recruit for the Christmas shopping rush.

The Department of Work and Pensions staff have been taking a more proactive approach in recent years working closely with training organisations to get people trained up for new jobs.

A spokesman said: “Blackpool doesn’t see the historic rise in unemployment following the end of the illuminations like it did just five years ago. This is as a result of many of the traditional seasonal employers actually remaining open with far longer seasons and even from January onwards often still open weekends and February half terms.

“Naturally there are still a percentage of people who do find employment ceasing in line with traditional end of season roles and we ensure we are prepared to support thems with planned activity alongside employers particularly for Christmas vacancies.

“This year again Royal Mail had its traditional Christmas recruitment. This was promoted by Jobcentre Plus, .

“Jobcentre Plus also worked with Debenhams to support them in recruiting for the Christmas period. We delivered a pre-employment training course – in partnership with UR Potential – which saw 12 people take part, and 6 of those successfully being offered employment by Debenhams.

“Similar pre-employment training took place to support Costa Coffee with further job offers made by the employer.”

He said in November there were 1,233 full time and 276 part time vacancies advertised within five miles of Blackpool.

Amy Pond, from Blakcpool Jobcentre, said: “We carried out jobsfairs ahead of the Christmas period and we are now preparing for the New Year. January is a busy time. We start to get employers coming to us to look for staff for the coming tourist season.

“We will be concentrating on getting our clients CVs up to date and helping them with their online skills.

“So many applications have to be made online these days escpecially in hospitality.

“The season is longer than it used to be and we get more employers offering permanent employment.

“The Fylde coast has a huge care sector and many people are moving into that. It helps us be less relaint onseasonal work. There is real scope for people to have career progression in the care sector.

“We had a jobs fair in care in October with 120 people having interviews with prospective employers. We are yet to find the results of that but we will be holding more in the New Year.”

but next we will be concentrating on hospitality.”