Blackpool navy ninja on a mission to help

Amanda Crossley who has started her Concierge Ninja
Amanda Crossley who has started her Concierge Ninja

Fancy having a ninja on your side to get rid of those troublesome little problems?

Well assassination Japanese -style is not one of the services Blackpool’s ninja offers, but pretty much everything else is, to help busy people find a bit of “me time” in their day.

After a successful career in the Royal Navy, Amanda Crossley, with help from Blackpool Council’s Get Started team, has started a new business, Concierge Ninja, which aims to make other people’s lives easier.

Similar to a hotel’s concierge, the service offers to help people with jobs and tasks that they find difficult to find the time to do themselves.

From dry cleaning, finding good deals online, arranging car hire, errand running, sourcing suppliers to event planning, organising weekends away and making dining reservations – Amanda is set to take it all on.

And she says her background has given her the skills to make the business a success. She spent four years in the Royal Navy as an AB Warfare Specialist. The job took her worldwide and into some dangerous situations.

Amanda, said: “When I came home for a visit I had to be very organised and run a tight schedule to make the most of that time with my family and friends.

"When I eventually went on maternity leave and became a mum I took the opportunity to reflect and think about the future. There is always so much to do looking after a house and family and time seems to slip away without you realising.

“Sometimes picking up the dry cleaning means you have less time to nip to the park with the kids. That’s when I started working out how I could help people with their busy lives. It was second nature to me to run everything like a military operation and my research showed that people liked the idea of someone giving them a helping hand.”

With the help of the Blackpool Council Get Started team Amanda got everything in place to launch the business.

Coun Mark Smith said: “It is wonderful to see someone use the skills they have developed in a previous career to start a new journey with a business of their own. I am delighted that the Get Started team was able to advise.”