Blackpool Isle of Man passengers in terminal woe

City Wing aircraft
City Wing aircraft
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Security issues are still causing problems for those travelling from Blackpool Airport.

Passengers have complained they are not allowed to use the terminal on the Isle of Man if they have flown from Blackpool.

Instead, the aircraft takes them to a distant part of the airfield at Ronaldsway, where they get off the plane and then are bused to the terminal.

One passenger said: “We have been travelling to the island from Liverpool, with Blackpool Airport being closed, but we heard Citywing had started flying from Blackpool again so we booked a flight because they said the airport was open.

“But the airport isn’t open, what’s open is something like a portable cabin at the side of the airport, which is fine.

“You just sit in there and wait to go, but then when we landed in the island, the plane didn’t go to the (terminal) building, it just veered off the runway to the back.

“Two minibuses then came and we all got on because we weren’t allowed in the airport because Blackpool Airport hasn’t got its security licence yet.

“The man who sat next to me said he regularly makes the same journey and the licence wasn’t going to be in force until May 18 according to him, which meant passengers and luggage from Blackpool can’t go in the Isle of Man airport.

“So the minibuses went out a back gate, along the back of King William’s College and through Castletown, taking us around to the front of the airport and dropped us off there.”

David Buck, managing director at Citywing said: ‘The old terminal at Blackpool Airport is no longer in use, and so Citywing is currently using its own facility.

“There is a lounge available for passengers once they have checked in, which they can wait in before going through security.

“Until the security procedures at Blackpool Airport are approved, we have had to make these alternative arrangements.

“Isle of Man Airport has been very helpful in coming up with a temporary solution so that we may continue to offer our direct service from Blackpool to the Isle of Man, and we hope to be able to give passengers an update regarding the security procedures at Blackpool Airport soon.’

Airport owners Balfour Beatty were today auctioning off security equipment and a spokesman from pressure group Save Blackpool Airport said: “It is clearly not an ideal situation, and shows things are still not perfect.

“We believe it has been caused by security accreditation issues rather than to do with the equipment, but the auctioning off of security equipment cannot help the situation.”