Blackpool finance firm boost by analytical system

Kristen Durose, Managing Director'Red Star Wealth Management
Kristen Durose, Managing Director'Red Star Wealth Management
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Blackpool-based independent financial advisers Red Star Wealth Management has said a new customer relationship manager system has boosted its business.

The business, founded in 2011, has grown considerably over the past five years and now has more than 150 clients ranging from national solicitor’s firms to private individuals.

With such a variety of clients and financial products available, Red Star Wealth needed to ensure it had the infrastructure in place to deliver a professional service to every client.

Kristen Durose, managing director of Red Star Wealth said: “As we expanded our client base and introduced more services we realised that the systems we had in place just weren’t sufficient to deliver the level of service we offer.

“We wanted a system that would help us manage our client base, enable us to stay in touch with our clients and prospects in a variety of ways and make it easier for us to track renewals and anniversaries.”

Kristen spoke to several companies who specialise in CRM products and selected IT professionals NetDec.

Kristen continued: “I was incredibly impressed with the questions they asked us at our initial meeting. They were extremely keen to get a thorough understanding of our business and what we want to achieve.

“We put together a wish list and NetDec provided us with a bespoke solution which delivered everything on it.

“The majority of the other solutions we looked at seemed just too off the peg.”

Red Star Wealth also wanted the CRM to create workflows which would allow them to automate a number of processes and therefore increase efficiency.

The NetDec team delivered this through reviewing the processes and tasks that Kristen and her team repeatedly perform and integrating them into the CRM system.

Craig Townley, managing director from NetDec said: “A truly efficient CRM system needs to be custom built to meet the specific requirements of each client.

“The new CRM has now been in use for four months and has transformed the business. All the information is in one place and accessible to the whole team at any time.”