Blackpool cuts the cost of hair

Blackpool is one of the best places in the country for hair cut value
Blackpool is one of the best places in the country for hair cut value
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Blackpool is the place to go for a good price on hair cuts according to research from a Fleetwood based online specialists.

Netvouchercodes.UK revealed in a blog that the resort is among the cheapest places in the country with prices for both men and women well below the average.

John Stirzaker, from NetVoucherCodes said that accoridng to their study the average cost for a man (excluding clippers) is £9.

Women may have to pay considerably more at £31, however this is still more than £10 less than the national average.

He said their figures showed that British women in particular do, with the average woman spending a £751 each year looking after their hair, almost twice the amount spent by men.

For Londoners in particular, hair care can be expensive, with the average haircut setting men back £31 in the capital. London is followed by Glasgow and Manchester as the most expensive city for men’s haircuts, with both cities charging £24 on average.

London was found to be the most expensive city for female haircare too, with the average woman forking out £66 for a new trim.

Those in Manchester and Liverpool were also guilty of paying over the odds to have their hair cut, with the average prices in these cities being £53 and £51 respectively.

John Stirzaker said: “It pays to look good and Blackpool proves it’s a cut above by being the best value in the UK for getting your hair cut.”

He added that the difference between the sexes also ran to hair care too.

Women with longer locks wash their hair on average four times a week, forking out £58.24 on shampoo and conditioner yearly.

This is in stark contrast to men who wash their hair three times a week, who spend as little as £9.36 on these hair care products.

On average it costs women £71 a pop to have a full hair of colour, which equates to £287 over 12 months.