Beautiful beards are a growth industry for Blackpool man

Lewis Matthias launches his new business beard oil
Lewis Matthias launches his new business beard oil
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A young Blackpool entrepreneur is hoping fashion is not a case of hair today gone tomorrow.

Lewis Matthias, 23, of South Shore, is set to make the most of the current trend of sporting lush beards with his new venture, the Blue Label Beard company.

Celebrities, male models and the uber trendy across the world have been revelling in their whiskers as the so-called hipster beard has taken root.

Sporting a fine beard and moustache of his own, he is set to help fellow facial fuzz fans make the most of their masculine mush mops.

Lewis has come up with a range of grooming products and oils which have already proved hugely popular locally.

Lewis, who works full time in sales, said he came up with the idea after talking to barbers in Blackpool.

He said: “Many more men are growing beards these days, it has become very fashionable with many people.

“After talking to barbers I realised there was a gap in the market and decided to look into beard conditioning oils.

“They help to make the most of beards and bring out the best in them.

“There area only five ingredients in each of the oils so they are pure and natural.

“There are essential oils, almond oil jojoba and vitamin E.

“The carrier oils contain vitamins which are good for the hair and the oils also help reduce any itching.

“The skin behind the beard never sees daylight so it needs a little care.

“They work wonders for a beard and they smell fantastic.

“They don’t encourage hair growth but they do look after the skin and that can help.”

He said his first products have been flying of the shelves in the Blackpool barbers which stock them and he is set to branch out across Lancashire.

The former Bispham High student said it had taken some in depth research and development of the products to comply with regulations but it had been worth it.

He said: “It has taken off better than expected and the orders are coming in thick and fast.

“The black pepper and grapefruit has been a good seller. It smells great and is refreshing.

“I also have another popular one with the old fashioned barbers smell featuring lavender, cedar and sandalwood.”

Lewis said he was already planning the next phase of the business and has many ideas for the future with a range of waxes, massage oils and beard butters.

“I am working full time at the moment but the beard oils and cosmetics business is taking off. I aim to take on staff in the near future.”