BAE Systems stealth jets prepare to arrive

The F-35 Lighning II
The F-35 Lighning II

Britain’s new F-35B stealth fighter aircraft are set to start arriving in the country next month.

The Lightnings, which have their rear sections built by BAE Systems at Samlesbury, are currently going through training sessions in the USA where they are assembled.

But they will be flown over to the UK in June by members of 617 Squadron – immortalised by, the famous Dambusters mission in 1943 75 years ago yesterday.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “75 years ago the Dambusters pushed the boundaries of what was possible. That same spirit of innovation continues today as the Dambusters of today prepare to fly the world’s most advanced fighter jet in the skies over the UK.

“Just like those Lancasters which played such a vital role in the Second World War, the F-35B Lightning is based on great British design, operating with futuristic technology to adapt to an increasingly dangerous world.”

The F35s will be used on Britain’s two new aircraft carriers where their short take off and landing abilities will be used.