Appeal move over housing proposal

Hambleton councillor Lynne Bowen
Hambleton councillor Lynne Bowen
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Controversial pans to build a housing development Over Wyre will go to appeal.

An application to create 13 affordable houses on Salt Marsh Lane, Hambleton, were submitted to Wyre Council earlier this year.

A campaign by Hambleton Parish Council and local residents successfully battled against the proposal due to its location.

Objections from 17 residents complaining about parking problems, flooding, alleged contamination of soil in the area and increase in noise were received.

Opposing the development, resident, Malcolm Billington, said: “Extra dwellings with road access from and to Salt Marsh Lane will cause a serious congestion of vehicles on what is in fact a narrow road and only just able to be safely used by the vehicles from dwellings in situ at this time.

“The end of Salt Marsh Lane would need to be greatly widened and possible require traffic lights to ensure the safety of all as it can be a hazardous exit now without extra traffic and it is anticipated that with affordable dwellings there will be a reasonably substantial number of children in residence.”

Joan Firth, of nearby Salt Marsh Close, added: “Any houses built on this land will impact on the character of the attractive green field and the beauty of the area.

“It will detract from the views from the Wyre Walk and will be eating into more of our local wildlife’s habitat.”

Local John Reed said: “The plans are poorly thought through and would do nothing to enhance this area with the houses backing on to Salt Marsh Lane and surrounded by a wall.

“I suggest that it would look rather like a ghetto.”

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Hambleton parish council clerk Lynn Squires added that affordable housing were welcome in Hambleton but not on Salt marsh Lane.

She added: “We just felt this application was not in a suitable place for the people who were going to live there.”

And Hambleton councillor, Lynne Bowen, echoed Mrs Squires’ concerns.

She said: “If we alter the layout of the land we are putting the neighbouring houses at risk of flooding.

“The issue is not affordable housing, we have affordable housing in the area and it is always full, there is no problem with that.

“But we would like it in a different place, we don’t want to see any flooding, our planning policy is not to build where there is risk of flooding.

“I am surprised this has gone to appeal, I hoped it had been forgotten, or the applicant was looking for alternative locations.”

The scheme by Terra Nova developments could have been run by a housing association and planning officers at Wyre Council recommended it for approval.

But members of the planning committee decided it would be out of place because it was on the edge of the village and would not integrate into the landscape.

However this month the applicants, who say according to the council’s Rural Housing Needs Survey, Hambleton is in need of affordable housing, submitted the application for appeal.

It will be heard in the New Year.