Anti-fracking protester’s 14-day walk to Brussels

Anti-fracking campaginer Gayzer Frackman second left at the EU with Romanian campaigner Alexandru Popescu
Anti-fracking campaginer Gayzer Frackman second left at the EU with Romanian campaigner Alexandru Popescu
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A Fylde campaigner has completed a 14-day walk from Downing Street to Brussels to protest about fracking.

Gayzer Frackman of Lytham handed in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron objecting about his Government’s support for the on-shore shale gas industry.

He then walked to the EU in Belgium, where he met protesters from Romania for a demonstration outside the EU building followed by a meeting with MEPs.

He said many people in Romania and other European countries were also against fracking.

He said: “After our protest march and speeches in the square in front of the EU building we were invited in to speak to MEPs.

“I felt South East MEP Keith Taylor was very supportive. He spoke positively afterwards about a way forward to get a platform in the EU. Hard work and support from the individual nations of the EU was the way they would get this on a bigger stage.

“This is, of course, is what we are achieving – the anti-fracking movement is one of the fastest growing groups in the UK now totalling 300 community campaign groups in the UK and Ireland.

“I believe this is our next natural progression and we will now be working more in Europe and the EU to get to a wider audience and of course work towards a ban on Fracking in the UK and Europe.

“I believe that day is a lot closer now we have a voice in the European Parliament.

“I am so proud to have met my Romanian friends and support them, like the people on the Fylde they are ordinary warm people who are having to defend them selves against this intrusive 
industry and against a Government hell bent on making fracking a reality.

“They face all the problems we face here, a government and industry using well funded propaganda telling us it will bring jobs, help our economy and bring down bills with no evidence to support these statements.”

Energy company Cuadrilla has planning applications in with Lancashire County Council to drill and test frack up to four wells at two locations – Little Plumpton and Roseacre Wood.

It says that the industry would be good for energy security for the country and would create thousands of jobs on the Fylde.

Blackpool and The Fylde College has been chosen by the Government as the hub for a national onshore shale gas industry training centre.