Anger over ‘patchwork’ road repairs

Residents on Kingsway are angry that the council are only repairing part of the road.
Residents on Kingsway are angry that the council are only repairing part of the road.
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Neighbours have criticised repairs carried out to their street which they say will leave them with a “patchwork quilt” two-tone road.

Kingsway, South Shore, is being patched up as part of Blackpool Council’s Project 30 scheme.

But residents say the work is doing nothing to make the road safer and that it needs to be properly resurfaced.

Work is currently being done to fix a section of the road, but neighbours say it will look more of a mess once it is completed.

They have called on the council to resurface the entire road.

But transport bosses say there is not enough cash in the pot to do that and insist the resurfaced work will blend in eventually.

One resident, Mandy 
Gallagher-Worthington, said: “We have been on at the council for ages to come and sort the kerbs out – there are people in wheelchairs who can’t use them.

“One of the workers said our road was worse than one of the streets next to it and that one has been fully resurfaced.

“Kingsway definitely needs the work doing or somebody is going to have an accident, whether its on the road or on the pavement.”

Her husband, John, 42, said: “They have done a good job elsewhere, but they have only patched two pieces in the centre of road and it looks appalling.

“I wish they hadn’t bothered because it’s an absolute mess.

“I have been a resident on this road for 15 years and I have never known them touch the road in that time.

“Now it looks worse than before they started – it’s a patchwork quilt. It’s going to look appalling.”

Another resident, David Ray, said: “One of the workers said it would have been an easier job to just do the whole street.

“Queensway, next to us, wasn’t anywhere near as bad.

“Our whole street is an absolute mess and needs replacing.

“What they are doing is going to make the whole street look worse. Surfaces on the streets of the same size in the surrounding area have been completely replaced.”

Coun John Jones, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We’re currently resurfacing a part of Kingsway and a new surface will be laid next week.

“While we understand that residents would rather see the whole of the road resurfaced for financial reasons we cannot possibly go about replacing roads that are in perfectly usable condition.

“I understand there are concerns the road will be two different colours once one part of the road is relayed.

“However, over time asphalt dulls and this will become less apparent.

“The road repairs done throughout Blackpool under both Project 30 and through normal pothole reporting procedures have made a huge difference to our highways network and I know many residents have been pleased with the results on their streets.

“I would urge people to judge the work when it is completed.”